5 Attractive Color Combinations for Exterior Walls

It is truly said that the first impression is the last. The formula remains the same even for home decor. It does not matter how beautiful anyone decorates their home from the inside, but If the exteriors aren’t attractive enough, it gives your home a dull and unappealing look. So, it is mandatory for you to equally consider the painting decisions for exterior walls as it is the first visual factor to grab attention.

Many think that choosing the best color combination is a tedious and demanding task. So, to make everyone’s life easy and their homes attractive, the best home maintenance service in Patna is always happy and delightful to help.

Here is the list of a few beautiful color combinations for exterior walls to make them look worth inviting. Let’s check them out:

The Mixture of Maroon with Cream:

Maroon or any other beautiful shade of red is usually the most-liked by Indian families. It highly complements the external beauty of your walls when molded with cream or any off-white colors. Try to go for half-and-half looks for a perfect texture and finish. Remember that maroon is one of the colors that evoke creativity and has the scope to mix with several colors to render a royal look.

The Assortment of Orange with Grey:

Are you looking for a classy and elegant exterior different from others? If yes, then grey color is the perfect and popular choice. It’s combination with orange is an awesome selection to highlight a few portions of the wall. This color combination is a perfect balance of industrial-cum-traditional. Do not get confuse into the choice of painting and wallpapers. At anytime painting is the best alternative.

Dark and Stone Grey with Wooden Brown:

This attractive color combination can create magic and spell sophistication. If anyone prefers eco-friendly products to decorate their home and loves the environment theme, it is the perfect choice for them. You can hire professional help and book a trusted home maintenance service in Patna for a flawless look and design.

White with Charcoal Grey:

When anyone has a classic taste and prefers decorating their home similarly, in such a situation, white with charcoal grey is a perfect choice. The main element of using these classic colors is clean-cut segregation and identifying the best areas to highlight. For example, the first thing any guest will ever notice is the boundary wall and the balcony frames, so highlighting those areas is essential.

Bluish White, Grey, and Dark Blue:

This is one of the most attractive and easy-going color palettes for exterior walls. People can paint the base of their home bluish-white with a mixture of grey and roof with dark blue contrast. And remember to keep the windows and doors a rustic classic wooden brown to enhance the aesthetics of the entrance.

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