5 Society Maintenance Checklists Before Republic Day

The most important date in India’s history is just around the corner and it’s high time to start preparing for it. On the coming 26th of January, 2023, marks the celebration of the 74th Republic Day. And for sure it’s a proud day for all Indians irrespective of their caste, creed, gender, or even religion. Special shows and events are arranged in the Nation’s Capital to celebrate the commemoration of the adoption of the Constitution of India.

In addition, societies also tend to organise small events or get together to mark the solidarity and honour for being a part of this great nation with such diversity. However, all preparation can result in total wastage if the issues related to maintenance services are still hanging around with no solution. 

Several society maintenance issues often pop up in a housing society and ignoring them before hosting any event can spoil all the vibes. It’s the duty of the secretary or the society board to get it resolved for any occasions. For the community living nearby or in Patna, opt for the best home maintenance services in Patna to make sure they are examined by professionals.

Happy Republic Day

Commonly Faced Society Maintenance Issues and How to Fix Them?

Apartments have evolved from just being a roof over your head to a gated society that features a luxurious and wholesome living experience. Amenities like water supply, garbage disposal, parking spaces, and a steady electrical supply all work together to improve the living experience. However, they also need timely maintenance.

Often, they are left ignored just because they don’t add any aesthetic value like gardens, parks, or pools. If that continues, the situation can quickly go beyond control leading to higher costs and double the laborious effort. These issues should not be ignored before hosting a major event like the upcoming Republic Day. For that, here’s a quick Society maintenance checklist that has discussed some major societal maintenance that needs to be done. 

#1. Do Not leak your Reputation- Book Plumbing Service in Advance

Water can wreak havoc on the event if it’s not managed well. Now, before planning any event, keeping a check on the availability of water is essential. Check for any leaky pipes, and the health of the water motor, and water tank. Also, make sure that there aren’t any leaks in the event premises. You can also opt for the best plumbing services in Patna if you want to check the entire plumbing system.

#2. Stop Burning your Fingers- Get the Electrical Repairs Check

Electrical issues are the worst and directly land you in danger. It can be any wiring fault or any circuit breakdown. Checking electric wiring prior to an event is always a good idea. Also, make sure the circuit is ready to manage the entire loads that are going to be caused due to heavy decorations without causing any power failure. If you don’t know much about electric equipment and its capacity then call a professional for help.

#3. Garbage Disposal

Improper waste management can cause a real nuisance to everyone in society. Moreover, it will also impact the reputation of society as well. That’s why the next societal maintenance that needs to be done is garbage disposal and cleaning if there are any. Book a professional cleaning service in Patna via TheServico and stay free as you will get the entire society clean before you start your republic day celebration.  

#4. Pest & Rodents Checks

Ask yourself… would you like to stay in a place where you are seeing rodents and other pests? The answer is ‘No’. No one would like to stay in a place where rodents or cockroaches are present. Not only do they cause ill smell but also impact your overall health.

Want to get rid of the bugs and rodents before the Republic Day celebration in society? Call TheServico and see the magic of the best pest control service in Patna. You won’t see any of them…not anytime sooner.

#5. Maintenance of Other Amenities 


Electric equipment…checked.

Waste disposal…checked.

Pest control…done.

Now, the next thing to do is to improve the overall ambiance of the surrounding area. Make sure the other amenities like parks, garden, and pool area are clean. Also, check for any possible wear and tear in the building and if found get it done ASAP.  

So, this was a basic society maintenance checklist that one needs to consider before organizing any event. Also, be careful, and follow all the Covid-19 Guidelines while celebrating Republic Day to limit the covid presence.

Now, before having a look at the best home maintenance service in Patna, let’s answer some common questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1. How do I Prepare a Society Maintenance Checklist?

There is a rule of thumb when you’re on your way to creating a society maintenance checklist. That involves the right person. They can guide you throughout the process and will ensure all areas get covered.

#2. What are the 4 Types of Maintenance and which to choose?

The four types of maintenance include:

  •         Corrective maintenance.
  •         Preventive maintenance.
  •         Risk-based maintenance.
  •         Condition-based maintenance.

Answering which one to choose, well it entirely depends on your problem. Ask a professional to guide you throughout the process.

#3. What are the Characteristics of a Good Preventive Maintenance Checklist?

 The basic characteristics of a good preventive maintenance checklist include:

  •         Prepared under the guidance of a professional
  •         Prepared to cover every aspect regarding the safety of the people around the area

#4. What are the Key Elements of a Successful Maintenance Program? 

There are basically four key elements of a successful maintenance program. Namely, correct work order, the transition from a reactive to a proactive approach, empowering the use of technology, and last but not least gaining maintenance intelligence.

#5. What are the Simple Maintenance Activities?

Simple maintenance activities or routine maintenance activities include the basics like cleaning, visual inspection, and functional tests. Having a society maintenance checklist is essential. Not only does it ensure smooth operations but also tells which areas need more attention.

Also, indeed for some professional help in your day-to-day maintenance activities and living in Patna? Or do you want to do an overall repair? Be it any situation; take help from TheServico, to ensure only professionals are looking into your matters.

You can call 7250235610 or download the TheServico app from the Google Play Store and iOS device.


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