5 Special Gifts for Homeowners for the Upcoming Year

Everyone has a dream to own a home and this home becomes a sweet home when every corner is close to perfection. Homeowners love to see their homes well-maintained, brand-new, and ideal from every angle. Moreover, new year celebrations have also made them hire the best home maintenance service in Patna that provides several services from deep cleaning to the appliance and electrical repair. 

If you are the one invited to a housewarming party or joining a new year celebration in a new home, you need to give the homeowner a gift that they can use or will make their life easy. Here are some of the sorted gifts that you can present on their auspicious day. You can purchase these selected gifts online or from the stores near you.

Happy new Year Gifts

Hand Tool Kit: For The Perfection in Every Stroke 

What can be the best gift for a homeowner other than a multipurpose tool kit for the home? It helps in maintenance work like plumbing or in electrical repair. From replacing a switch cover to repairing nail holes, there are plenty of home projects even a DIY can handle if they have the right tools. 

It is a complete professional tool kit that offers homemakers all the basic tools in one place in a small box that can be adjusted anywhere in any corner. It has nails, a picture hook, pliers, a hammer, crews, and an anchor so that homeowners can hang wall art or photo frames on the wall. A screwdriver set can help you in many ways like assembling shoe racks, bookshelves, or closet storage pieces.

Hand Tool Kit For The Perfection in Every Stroke as Gifts

Video DoorBell: You need Eyes for Strangers

Security is the first priority of any homeowner. Gift them a video doorbell that allows them to see, hear and speak to visitors at their door or even when they aren’t present at home. This amazing security product works with Wi-Fi and sends notifications on your mobile.  It captures all activity that happens around your property and alerts you about any suspicious activity and stores your clips for viewing later.  For homeowner’s convenience, it has two modes. 

When you are sleeping and do not want the loud sound of the doorbell to disturb you, you can simply put it on. The device will send a message to your mobile through which it is connected. Then just open your app, see who is there, and decide whether to answer or not. However, you need to check the entire electrical settings of your home before implementing a video doorbell. Call experts for the best electrical repair service in Patna and get the connection thoroughly checked and verified. 

Video DoorBell You need Eyes for Strangers as Gifts

Welcome Door SignSmile Guaranteed For Guests

How about hanging a welcome sign board that throws an excellent impression on the guests? It is the best product to ornament your door and make guests feel special. It is useful as it is the first impression and the first thing that guests will look at. It creates a welcoming atmosphere for guests and a fun welcome door sign can also make them laugh. It is a classic addition to any door because you can style them in multiple ways.

Welcome Door Sign Smile Guaranteed For Guests

Touch Screen Air Fryer: There’s a Magic in the Hot Air

Not only home decor but a healthy lifestyle is also needed to enjoy your home and life. If the homeowner has issues with oily food and planning to switch to a healthy lifestyle, then Air Fryer is an excellent option. If you’re the one having a craving for fried dishes then the touch screen air fryer is the best for you. 

If you prefer to make finger foods then an air fryer is a great option for making crispy homemade snacks and finger food. It is also used for roasting vegetables. An air fryer has a fan at the top which quickly circulates hot air around the food and helps to cook food even faster. It only takes about 20-25 minutes to cook with an air fryer.

Touch Screen Air Fryer There’s a Magic in the Hot Air

Garden Tool Set: For the Lush Green Garden

Homeowners don’t need to buy tools separately for gardening as garden tool sets make their task easy for growing thick vegetation in a limited area. How about if you give them such a tool kit that has all tools in one box. YES!  A garden tool consists of pruning shears, garden trowel, hand fork, shovel, hatchet, spade, hoe and rake, which are essential for cleaning the garden. If there is a garden in your house then you need to maintain it monthly, because it is your home’s exterior beauty. So for maintaining it properly a garden tool set is necessary. Moreover, you can also call home maintenance service in Patna for deep cleaning of your garden and home. 

Garden Tool Set For the Lush Green Garden

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