7 Home Improvement Services You Need Before the Christmas

The holiday season is arriving, which means social gatherings with parties and merry-making. It’s time when friends and families reunite after a long duration to celebrate Christmas and New Year. If you’re a party freak and love to welcome guests, it is mandatory for you to make your home guest-ready.

There are many home improvement activities that you might have ignored throughout the year because of several reasons. However, it is the right time to get in touch with the best home maintenance service provider in Patna, as their expertise makes our task easy.

The Need for Home Improvement Service in Patna Before Christmas

Every home needs maintenance for a certain period, especially when it comes to year-end festivity as it is the time for guests to gather and spend all the memorable times. For such moments you can never make any of your guests feel irritated or annoyed because of a few loopholes in your home.

TheServico shares seven home improvements that every homeowner should audit and get done to avoid the last-minute hassle during celebrations.

It’s your dream home, not an asylum:

Electric shocks are always a result of faulty wiring or the usage of low-quality electric wires which cannot endure high temperature and creates a spark. Check every corner of your home where you feel any electrical fault, as you are not want to absorb shocks every time. Do not try any electrical repair through DIY videos. They are harmful and highly detrimental if you do not have all the proper knowledge of circuits and how electrical wire function.

So, it is best to hire an expert electrician from TheServico for all types of electrical repair and maintenance services in Patna. The professionals will come to your doorstep and repair all your electrical faults. Feel free to light up your home with a Christmas tree and Santa around the corner.

It’s your dream home, not an asylum


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Stop Leaks and Drips- Simplify your Plumbing:

Santa can carry gifts for your kids but no treatment ideas for poor plumbing. Imagine a wash basin with stagnant water or a clogged drain with no DIY treatment. In such cases, temporary relief is not the solution. Surely, no one wants such a horrific situation, even in their wildest dreams, but plumbing problems can occur anytime.

On the contrary, it is beneficial to avoid such a situation and get your entire plumbing check done by trusted plumbers in Patna. Therefore, never avoid all the minor leaks or drips, as they can increase your issues. Hire a professional plumber to stay relaxed from any clogs or drainage systems.

Stop Leaks and Drips- Simplify your Plumbing

Target the Enemy- Let the Bugs Walk Away:

Bugs and rodents are the worst and one of the scariest things we can see exploring the corners of our homes. They can’t be your party guests. If you’re the one who is facing such issues, it is better to take some steps to get rid of them from your home.

However, it is not that easy, as the domestic tricks and DIYs we use are unsuccessful. Also, you may need a pest treatment that is strong and effective. Here comes the role of professional exterminators who can do magic within minutes. So, if you have missed pest control from the list, it is better to get it done within a few days. Do not let your friends and family at the Christmas parties explore these unwanted guests at your home.

Target the Enemy- Let the Bugs Walk Away

Purchasing a New Appliance? No, first Fix what you Broke:

Appliances are costly. Purchasing a new one might unbalance your budget. It is better to try repairing the current one, which you might have ignored but is easy to fix by a professional technician. Try saving this Christmas and check out which appliance you need the most and its present condition.

As there can be any minor or major issues that need rectification, and your appliance can work efficiently like before. Trust the trained technicians who take less than a minute to dismantle and repair your appliance. Try fixing your device before making all the purchase decisions, as all the new electrical machines are not free, like Santa gifts on Christmas.

Purchasing a New Appliance? No, first Fix what you Broke

Let your Sofas Shine on the Christmas Eve

Furniture defines the aesthetics of your home, especially during parties, as it holds greater importance because it is directly proportional to comfort. No matter how comfortable your furniture is for the guests, a dirty sofa with a layer of dust accumulated in the corners can spoil your image. Whether you love to do or hate it, Sofa cleaning is mandatory to give it a shine that your guests couldn’t forget. In the case of luxury furniture, they need an everyday scheduled cleaning and maintenance.

Keep your furniture clean and ready with mesmerizing decoration ideas. Make it dirt-free via the vacuum cleaning method or via wet shampoo and vacuuming to a crystal-clear shine. So, it is strictly prohibited to follow any DIY ideas to clean sofas as they can destroy the fabric. Let professional hands work for you with their advanced cleaning machines. Include this in your home maintenance services checklist.

Let your Sofas Shine on the Christmas Eve

Do not Overlook your Trending Luxury.

The false ceiling gives your home the trendiest and most acoustic look by disguising the entire wire settings. It takes sophistication to the next level. On the contrary, it needs maintenance for a longer life. Proper light installation, choosing the type of bulb, monthly cleaning, etc., are a few of the maintenance tasks that give it a luxurious look.

Moreover, if not maintained every month, it will give a rise in the electricity bills as the fixture inside will start consuming more power to light the room. There are many false ceiling designs that will leave you amazed. Get it installed and call our maintenance experts at your doorstep. Leave the rest to them, as they will handle it through their expertise.

Do not Overlook your Trending Luxury

Where Spotless Cleaning Comes to Your Door

Before starting your Christmas celebration and spreading happiness, always clean your home so that you are all prepared for a pleasant and warm guest and Santa welcome. And from carpets to furniture and flooring to ceilings, every corner of your home should look shiny and perfect. If you have a garden area, there is always a need for scheduled cleaning and maintenance throughout the year.

However, cleaning the entire home & garden is not a single person’s work. Also, weekends are never for housework after being exhausted from prolonged office hours. It is the time when professional home cleaning in Patna is your savior. You can choose their home cleaning packages as per your requirement to stay relaxed. TheServico cleaning experts will reach your doorstep.

Where Spotless Cleaning Comes to Your Door

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does TheServico serve in Patna or the entire Bihar?

No! TheService is a Patna-based company giving its home improvement service only in Patna.

Can I call TheServico Experts anytime?

The timings are 8 PM to 6 PM. You can also book an appointment for better service. Log in to the app, choose your service, and time of visit, pay online or on location, and let our technicians do the magic.

Are you excited about the year-end party season? If yes, start inviting your friends and relatives to gather on the date for the celebration. At the same time, get your home ready for a fresh and Merry Christmas. For home improvement solutions, contact TheServico at 7250235610 or download the TheServico app from the Google Play Store and iOS device.

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