Electric Home Repair Service in Patna for the upcoming Wedding Season

The festive season has come to an end but not the celebrations! Mid-November is the time when you are loaded with wedding invitations. The wedding season has arrived and you’ll spot Barat on roads heading to the bride’s house. How can one forget to have a playlist of the retro songs of Hum Aapke Hai Kaun and Vivah? Any wedding ceremony is incomplete without them.

However, apart from enjoying the ceremonial occasion, there are many tasks and responsibilities assigned to every member. Your wedding preparation can be awesome but taking electrical precautions are equally important in a home with guests to avoid any accident. It’s the time when you should call a professional electric home repair service in Patna for an electrical audit before you start decorations.

Call Home Electrical Repair Services in Patna:

For a layperson, it is difficult to diagnose the exact electrical fault. It is a time-consuming process but for experts, it’s easy as they are experienced enough to handle any electrical fault. However, you should know how to find the best electrical repairing services in Patna and make your home free from any electrical hazards before the wedding ceremony date. Your search for an online electrician service in Patna will give you several results but choosing the best one is crucial.

TheServico is the only trusted brand when it comes to any home maintenance service in Patna. From cleaning to repairing & installation to house construction; we have experts for every service. Our team of electrical repairing experts are trained and certified to handle any minor or major electrical fault. In other words, they are magicians who fix lighting issues magically and avoid any electrical threat.

This wedding season, if you are busy with decoration and other responsibilities, assign some other member to call TheServico for help. Our expert team will visit your location (home) to perform a detailed check on the entire electrical system. So, if you’re searching for an electrician near me 24/7 service online or for electrical contractor in Patna; remember, TheServico is at your service.

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What Electrical Precautions should you Check before Wedding Celebrations at Home?

One should not ignore or compromise with any of the precautions or safety measures to be taken during wedding season. Each preparation and precaution should be double-checked and implemented carefully. Here’re some of the precautions that every home member should follow till the wedding celebrations ends.

  1. Avoid keeping water or any oil resource near the electricity boards.
  2. Check sockets, plugs, and other small fixtures from time to time. If any socket is not working, then cover them with Sellotape.
  3. Always use rubber gloves before handling electricity work.
  4. Keep wires and electrical equipment away from the reach of children.
  5. Use insulated tools for any electrical work.
  6. Place warning signboards where you do not want the guests to go.
  7. Avoid repairing energized equipment. Switch off the main source and de-energize first.
  8. Check the wire wherever they are tapped to join. No electricity should flow externally on those wires. It gives shock.

Wedding decorators use extra wires to light up your home for festivity. They fix several lights that are connected with the main stream power. Make sure that they use high-quality wire rather than using a cheap-quality wire that has no protective cover.  Such wires catch fire even in slight heat. Our experts take all precautions and repair every fault for your safety.

TheServico understands the unique needs of our customers and provides professional electric home repair service in Patna. We are just a call away. Call us on +91 7250235610 or write to us at support@theservico.com and our representative will call and assist you in booking our electrical services. You can also download TheServico app from Google Play Store to book our services online.

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