Everything you need to know about cleaning commercial carpets.

Your office carpets represent a major investment. Extending their lives with regular cleaning and maintenance creates a healthier bottom line… and a healthier office!

Pay attention to the following when wanting a good commercial carpet cleaning service;

  • Do they use the right PH?
  • Is the carpet still wet soaked after it is cleaned?
  • Is there residue left on your carpet?

The acid dye resistors in your carpet can be removed by Servico professional cleaning service. We use high-PH alkaline products to clean. It repels dirt when the carpet is acidic, because dirt is acidic, too. In your carpet, alkaline cleaning products break down and eliminate Acid Dye Resistors, and the cleaning product remains as a residue in your carpet. This residue will attract and hold onto the dirt at a much faster rate, causing the carpet to re-soil (get dirty).

Servico scientific approach using chemistry and common sense ensures long-lasting, beautiful carpets. Here is our process:

  • Deep Cleaning. We clean down to the bottom of the fiber.
  • Low Moisture. We clean so that moisture does not penetrate under your carpet to the subflooring/padding.
  • Thorough Rinse. We rinse your carpet fibers, top to bottom, to ensure all residents are removed.

Additional Advantages

  • Cleans and Disinfects
  • Removes Allergens
  • Dries Quickly
  • Removes Tough Stains
  • Extremely Affordable

Client Benefits

  • Enjoy where you work more
  • Improve your health and your environment
  • Impress your clients and your boss
  • Save money

What is the science behind our method of cleaning commercial carpets?

We clean and rinse with green, environmentally safe, an acidic product that leaves your carpet at a slightly acidic level and reduces any alkalinity (residue) in your carpet. This helps keep the Acid Dye Resistors in the fiber of your carpet so that they can work on your carpet and repel the dirt. This also makes it easier for your carpet to vacuum the dirt and it helps to keep your carpet clean longer.

As Patna’s best carpet cleaning company, the servico invites you to give our cleaning services a try. Call us at +91 70041 12665

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