Home Maintenance Tips to Prevent Dengue-Like Diseases After Monsoon

Nowadays, the magic of monsoons has spread everywhere. People love and welcome the season of monsoon open-heartedly, and the post-monsoon weather provides the much-needed respite from scorching heat and ushers in lush green surroundings. But this season can be a nightmare for the house if not prepared for upcoming diseases like dengue, malaria, etc. And everyone needs to be very careful before the post-monsoon season when rains occasionally are a bonus.

Therefore, everyone must be aware of the season and check and fix the issues for their house. And to get the best professional home maintenance service in Patna for the most satisfying service and hygienic result, TheServico is one of the most trusted choices.

However, before ordering any services with anyone, here is a list of some practical tips in this regard:

  • If people are living in an independent house or villa, then they should check the roof for leakages, cracks, etc. The minor damage repairs on the roof gutters always require immediate attention.
  • Check the walls for cracks, dampness, or water rings for damage. And get the damage repaired as soon as possible to prevent heavy damage.
  • Everyone should prune their garden to avoid the growth of weeds. Overgrown grass and foliage can be a breeding ground for several insects. As indoor plants tend to increase dampness in the home, the best idea is to put the plants outdoors during this season.
  • Look for areas in the house where water might get stagnated. Ensure to clean them to prevent these areas from becoming a breeding ground for dengue, malaria- causing mosquitoes. And to get all the professional expert advice, book the best and most trusted home maintenance service in Patna.
  • If anyone has a swimming pool, reduce its water and clean it regularly. Sometimes post-monsoon rain becomes a problem, so pits need to be filled up.
  • All electric points are in the open or maybe in the exposed area check properly by the electrician. Exposed switches or wires should be covered and repaired if damaged.
  • This time open the rolled-out rugs and carpets and clean them properly to protect them from mold and fungus. Place the door mats at the entrance of the house to avoid muddy shoes making the home dirty.
  • Move the wooden and iron furniture after polish which is away from the window during the monsoon. And spray the pieces of furniture with a waterproofing solution to prevent moisture and dampness does not affect their beauty. Windows and doors should be checked and fixed with a rubber lining.

These simple yet essential tips will help you enjoy a clean, dry, and disease-free home. Post monsoon season welcomes the Durga puja festival, so enjoy it. Enjoy the festival and let the team of TheServico, the home maintenance service in Patna, worry about the proper hygiene and betterment of your home. Call +91-7250235610 or download TheServico app for all the online bookings and get high-quality expert services at your doorstep. And all iOS users can use it, or you can visit our official website for any further queries.

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