Modular Wardrobe Design Ideas For Small Rooms

Tips for creating custom wardrobes for teensy-weensy spaces in rooms.

Here, versatility meets craftsmanship!

Looking for a practical and functional solution for storing a small space?

Our wide range of Modular Wardrobe Design Ideas For Small Rooms promises to provide the inspired solution regardless of floor space.

1). Color & pattern matching

Melt a sliding wardrobe in the background color and designs of the walls. The outcome is that there is plenty of storage space for a small room. It is possible to create the illusion of space by adding the floor to the ceiling height with the wardrobe’s glossy finish.

2). Adding Mirror Shutters

Adding the mirrored surface on custom-designed wardrobes to give an appearance of greater space than it is.

The bounce lights in the room offer a cheerful touch. For the small-sized bedroom, this style of wardrobe design can be tailor-made according to individual preferences.

3) Utilizing Vertical space

The small-sized bedroom is short but tall in volume, so by going to the wardrobes with lofts to make the best use of height. The cabinet loft for the cozy bedroom is topped with a slim wardrobe. In the upper loft room, items that are not widely used such as travel bags, winter wear, etc. can be stored.

4) Translucent Door

A smart and ideal solution for small Indian rooms can be a custom-designed wardrobe design with a translucent door. The transparent door adds dimension and liberates space. Privacy is also guaranteed as the surface of the texture does not provide a clear view of the inner objects.

Opaque wardrobe doors, on the other hand, can look blocky and crowded, which can appear to fill the bedroom’s small floor space.

5) Neutral Colors

It can be very helpful to use the light shades of the wardrobe to provide a view of the open bedroom.

The bedroom looks lighter and bigger with light shades of hues. With the dark color closet, paring up the light-colored bedroom might also put up neutrals.

In any home, wardrobes serve as the most versatile units. But now, to make a style statement, a bedroom with minimal floor space has developed.



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