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India is a country known for its richness in culture and festivals. If we delve deep, every date is tagged with a festival.  Moreover, the preparations commence a month before the actual date. You can see heaps of wood collected in every lane of residential colonies (for Holika Dahan Evening) and the market filled with artificial colors and water guns of several varieties.  Holi- the festival of colors celebrated in march during the Phalguna month is the most awaited festival. This year, Holi falls on 18th March. The dates vary every year but the spirit and enthusiasm to celebrate the festival remain the same. A day before Holi is marked as the Holika Dahan and the history behind is universally known.

Holi- Dates and Celebration in 2022:

In the year 2022, the holi festival commences on:

  • Purnima tithi begins at 01:29 PM on March 17, 2022
  • Purnima tithi ends at 12:47 PM on March 18, 2022

When it comes to celebration, the day begins with mixing color with water and filling the same in water guns. Children are seen super excited for the festival as colorful water guns and tasty holi recipes like gujhia and malpua are their favorite.  From children to elderly members of the family, Holi is loved by everyone. However, the festival ends with a messy home. The walls have patches of handprints of kids playing with colors and splashes of liquid colors that turn to stains. Floors get colored with several shades. The worst part is the living room and the kitchen which are the busiest part of the home during Holi.

If cleaning your home seems to be a nightmare, you need a helping hand in the form of a home cleaning service in Patna. If you are looking for a professional home cleaning service, TheServico is at your service. Those who haven’t used the service before should not be confused or perplexed while choosing cleaning services because:

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