TheServico- Your AC Installation Partner During Relocation in Patna

Have you bought a new home and are now moving into it? Or if you have decided to relocate to another locality in Patna thinking it’s enough of your neighbour’s “Khit Pit”. Whatever your reason may be, when it comes to air conditioners (AC), TheServico can help. Though we aren’t any packers or movers, but can definitely help you whenever you need AC repairing service in Patna for the installation of your AC…

But now the question arises why do you need us when you can scroll youtube and DO IT ALL BY YOURSELF?

DIY is great. But not for all projects. There are some projects that work best when done by professionals. Also, if you are doing a DIY AC installation, then rather than saving money, you may end up spending more. Installing an AC requires in-depth knowledge and experience. However, still, if you have made your decision and want to take matters into your hands then here’s what you will miss.

#1. AC Technicians Are Trained But Not You

There’s a big difference in the final results when done by a professional as compared to when done by a person with next to “NO” working experience in the field. Hiring our professionals means you can just leave all the stressful work on our shoulders without any worries. Also, AC installation requires utmost precision. Even the slightest mistake can damage your unit forcing you to call an AC repair service in Patna which will be just an extra addition to your monthly bills. And they don’t come cheap.

#2. Safety

An AC installation job isn’t like a 9 to 5 desk job. It has some dangers associated with it. Like during the installation, one has to deal with electric equipment, sharp metal shards, and most importantly, you don’t know what problem you’re going to face and how to react to it. A wrong move and installing AC by seeing DIY videos will result in damaged AC. In the worst case scenario, it can break havoc on your unit making it usable anymore.

#3. Right Equipment and AC Parts

There are special tools that are used during AC installation which are hard to find in most households. You may soon find yourself stuck in a phase where you’ll need these tools. However, with experts doing your job, all these responsibilities are on their side. From tools to servicemen all are from our side. You can sit and watch from the comfort of your sofa getting your AC installed without causing any drama.

#4. Reduces the Scope of Any Damages During Installation

Just bought the AC and it is still under warranty. It’s not at all a good idea to take AC installation into your hands. With no prior experience, there is an increased chance of getting the unit damaged that the warranty didn’t cover. On the contrary, hiring a professional makes sure that none of the parts of the AC gets damaged and everything is installed properly.

#5. Hiring Us Means Less Stress For You

Hiring us for your AC installation means you can rest assured that none of the problems is going to arise from the installation part. The service will be remarkable (Check out our review on Google) and you will get peace of mind.

Now, there are other servicemen that offer AC installation services in Patna so why go with TheServico. Answering…because we know what we are doing. Our team of trained staff is well-equipped and gets the job done ASAP without any trouble!!! Also, you will have professionally finished results, unlike others that drill unnecessary holes damaging the ambiance of walls where the AC has been installed.

Here are some more reasons to believe in TheServico for your AC installation.

#1. We have a team of professionals who are experienced and well-equipped to do the job

#2. We are recommended by our users

#3. You will get premium service without paying a premium price

#4. You can book us with just a call

Call us to experience our service all by yourself. We bet you won’t regret your decision.

AC installation is a complex work that requires utmost precision. A beginner can quickly get into trouble if any of the installation steps are done wrong. On the contrary, when choosing to go with experts, the experience will be entirely different and you can be rest assured that not a single problem will arise from the installation part.

Contact TheServico team at +91 612 350 4956 or download the TheServico app from the Google Play Store and iOS device for the Best AC Installation and Relocation in Patna. For more details, you can visit our official website.

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