Tips to Protect Your Home Interior During Holi Festival

Only a few days are left, and then it’s time to celebrate the festival of color, joy, and happiness. With Holi just around the corner, everyone wants to prepare the best festive party in their home. However, you must prepare your wall and home interior to tackle this day without hassle so that festival celebration does not become a nightmare.

The festival of color can’t be enjoyable when you worry about color-stained walls or hand-prints on your living room wall. Also, how can you even think of enjoying it, when your expensive sofa set gets drenched while playing with color? If this can be your case, you needn’t worry and stop enjoying it. Now, leave your worries to the best home maintenance service in Patna and enjoy this colorful day with your loved ones.

This Holi “GO OUT AND PAINT THE TOWN” but do follow some easy tips and tricks to protect your home interiors from those stubborn colors disturbing your home aesthetics.

  • Protect Your Flawless Wall Paint: Let Not Children Paint Your Wall Again

It is always good to take the necessary steps before anything happens to your beautifully flawless walls. A color-stain or hand-print wall could lead you to spend plenty of money to reverse the problem. 

So, to protect your wall, you can paint it using oil-based paint or luster paints. Also, add a layer of anti-stain vanish to clean all the colorful hand-print marks off the wall using wet cloths.

Protect Your Flawless

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  • Luxurious Furniture Sets: Let Old Bedsheets Be The Protector

Apart from your beautiful home wall, your luxurious furniture set is the most vulnerable spot during the celebration of this festival. It is not something you want to spoil and regret later. Therefore you must cover it with your old bed sheets or call a professional cleaning service to cover it with a plastic sheet to avoid damage from Holi colors.

Further, even after all this, if your furniture still gets stained, spray hydrogen peroxide over the stains and wipe it gently with the help of cotton or a sponge. Also, this will make your furniture look like a new one yet again.

Luxurious Furniture Sets

  • The Bathroom: Where You Meet with Yourself After Colorful Struggle

Definitely, you cannot identify yourself after the Holi bash, but it’s the bathroom where you cleanse yourself struggling with those printed colors all over the body. After the Holi celebration ends, the bathroom is always the first place you want to clean all colors from your face and body and get back to your normal self. However, this self-cleaning always leads to the bathroom getting dirtier than ever.

So, to avoid such a situation, a pre-coat of petroleum jelly can be helpful and keep your bathroom stain free. You can also use thinner to remove unwanted stains from your bathroom floor or tiles.

The Bathroom

  • The Home Main Door: Where You Cannot Stop Colorful Entries 

Whatever you do will still never be able to protect your main or entrance door from getting the colors. On the contrary, you can never disrespect your guest by not letting them pass your entranceway. So, in such a situation, you can go for a long plastic piece to cover the door. Also, coat your door handle or knob with turpentine oil to avoid color stains.

You can also add a layer of Teflon coating or polish your wooden door to protect its original color and ruin your home decor shine.

The Home Main Door

Call TheServico for the Best Home Maintenance Services in Patna

It’s the festival of colors that brings happiness, and joyous moments once a year. However, a dirty home with colors spilled all over is unacceptable. But this year, there’re no worries as TheServico, the best home maintenance service in Patna, is there for all your troubles. Contact TheServico team at 7250235610 or download the TheServico app from the Google Play Store and iOS device. Let the professional do all the hard work, and you only enjoy this colorful festival carefree.


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