What is the Exact Time Taken for AC Servicing in Patna?

TheServico knows that you have a busy schedule and the worst part is your Air Conditioner (AC) isn’t working as it should be. And now you are wondering about how much of your time it will take to get your AC serviced? So if you’re the one with a faulty AC and eager to know in what time and expenses it will be repaired, then there is no definite answer to it as there are several factors behind the scene.

Though the certified technicians work at the best AC Service in Patna. They suggest the following time frame. 

  • Simple repairs will generally take around 15 minutes to an hour of your time.
  • The minor repair will generally take around an hour or two of your time.
  • Major repairs can take hours. 

As mentioned above, it depends on certain factors. Here are some that affect how much time it is going to take to repair your AC. 

#1. What Needs to be Repaired

This is the most critical factor that is going to decide exactly how long it is going to take to repair your Air Conditioning unit. The smaller the issue you’re facing, the sooner it can get repaired. For instance, if your AC has simple repairs like changing filters or regular cleaning, you can expect to get it done within 15 minutes to 30 minutes. However, if the problem is severe like the AC has broken coils or a faulty compressor, then for sure it is going to take longer. 

#2. The Model and Type of AC You’re Using 

The type of AC, the model, and the manufacturer of AC. All impact how long it is going to take to repair the unit. Some ACs come with more complex systems which ultimately take longer time to find and fix the issues. On the contrary, some manufacturers keep their AC simple which makes them easier to fix. For instance, if you have a split AC that comes with an indoor and outdoor unit then it is generally going to take longer to identify the issue as compared to window units. You can get the best AC servicing in Patna via TheServico.  

#3. Parts Availability

This is a deciding factor in how much time the AC is going to be repaired. If your AC needs a part to be replaced then the repair time will all depend on parts availability. The sooner the technicians can source the part the more quickly your AC can be brought into the working state. However, if that certain part isn’t available in the local market and needs to be ordered then it is for sure going to take longer. 

In addition, if you have an older AC model, then it’s going to take even more of your time as the compatible parts are hard to source. 

#4. The Time of the Year and the Availability of Technicians

It is also one of the deciding factors when it comes to AC repairing in Patna. And since AC is a complex machine it always needs a little tweak to work efficiently. As usual, AC technicians are the busiest working individuals in the peak summer season. And if you also have issues related to AC during this very period then the time of getting the AC repaired will entirely depend on the availability of technicians. This is why most people prefer giving their AC a quick check and maintenance before the summer comes. February to March is the ideal month to do so. 

Now to save some extra time, there are certain preparations that you can do beforehand. Once you have confirmation that the technicians are coming consider

  • Remove the surrounding furniture or other objects so that the technicians can get easy access and do a check on your AC.
  • Collect all your paperwork so that the technicians can get an idea about your systems like the manufacturers and the age of AC. This helps the technicians to get an idea of what tools they are going to need before opening the system and common issues related.
  • Prepare a quick checklist of problems like when the issue started, what were the initial signs, and the last repair details if the AC has any. It helps the technicians to identify the issue quickly thus saving your time. 

To give your AC professional care, just give a call to TheServico, the best AC service in Patna. At TheServico, we value your time and money. That’s why we send only professional technicians who know what they are doing. They can help you to identify the issues and can fix them without taking much of your time. Simple issues can get resolved within 15 minutes of arrival. 

Contact TheServico team at +91 612 350 4956 or download the TheServico app from the Google Play Store and iOS device. For more details, you can visit our official website.

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