What Plumbing Services Is a Must Do Before Welcoming Santa?

It’s the celebration time of the year where Santa visits your home to present gifts. However, Santa might not like to visit your home, or he might feel discomfort if your home is not properly cleaned and well decorated as it should be.

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way 

Santa Claus is coming along, riding down this way.”

On the contrary, without proper plumbing maintenance, can you ever imagine how many difficulties Santa has to face to climb up to your home roof using pipes? No one can, as this is how only Santa works, and deliver your wishes and gifts at your home. So, to provide the best plumbing service in Patna, TheServico is always available to help.

Plumbing Services Highly Essential for Your home

Why are Plumbing Services Highly Essential for Your home?

Plumbing is as necessary to your home as the body needs oxygen. Plumbing services always ensure proper water flow in your home. Although it is widely associated with water-related maintenance, that is not all that pertains to plumbing services. It also includes all the installation and maintenance of heating systems, washing machines, water boilers, furnaces, and much more. A clogged toilet or sink or a faulty pipe leakage can hinder your daily routine and disturb your Christmas enthusiasm. So, to ensure your excitement about the festivity and proper home maintenance, plumbing services every few months are essential.

To help you give a better understanding, here are a few details about Plumbing Services:

Every household faces one or the other plumbing issues and if they occur during festivities, they become extra troublesome. Here’re some of the common plumbing issues that you need to rectify before any celebration.  

  • A Clogged Drain:

Food and other kitchen particles that do not break down, such as egg shells, and fibrous food, along with grease and oil, will always build up in your pipe and create an unnecessary clog in your water drain over time. Also, you surely don’t want Santa to see such a clogged drain mess. So, to avoid such situations, calling the best plumbing service in Patna is essential.

PRO TIPS: Keep all food Items, cooking oil, and paper products out and far away from your drain to avoid clogging. Also, consider annual maintenance using Bio-Enzyme.

Clogged Drain

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  • Hard Water:

If you want a stress-free plumbing system in your home, then hard water is not an option. You always have to avoid hard water problems because repeated exposure to this problem will cause limescale to build up, decrease water quality, and eventually create a clogged drain, not a pleasant and warm welcome to the festive season.

PRO TIPS: Hard water will damage your hair and clothes. It also damages your skin. Consult a professional expert who can rectify this situation for your home within your budget.

Hard Water

  •  A Leaking Pipe:

If you ever ignore leaking pipes for a long duration, it will wreak havoc on your home. Poor water quality, stained walls, damp wallpaper, invasive black mold, and flooding are some ways any leaky pipes can damage your home and end up costing you a fortune. Not to forget how uncomfortable and embarrassing it will be to welcome Santa in such a damaged home.

PRO TIPS: If your water bill suddenly increases immensely and you start hearing water sounds when you shouldn’t. Immediately call for emergency professional Plumbing Service help.

Leaking Pipe

  • An Overflowing Toilet:

If your toilet is overflowing whenever you flush it, there is a possibility that your toilet drain is heavily blocked. The clog creates difficulties in water flow, resulting in an unpleasant overflowing toilet. How will you ever expect Santa to come into your home when your toilet is overflowing, when even you and your family members are not using that?

PRO TIPS: Always close the water supply faucet at the back of your toilet to stop the water flow.

An Overflowing Toilet

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to do before the plumber comes?

While you wait for an emergency plumber to help, shut down the main water supply. Once the main water supply line is off, there will be some water left inside the pipe, so it is essential to drain that water to avoid water leakage into your home. Also, make sure to move your furniture and other electronic appliances to a safe space.

What are the 3 Stages of plumbing?

The underground rough-in phase, aboveground rough-in phase, and finishing phase are three necessary stages of plumbing.

What is the highest level of a plumber?

The master plumber is the highest level of the plumber. By achieving this level, you can operate your own plumbing company in most states, hire any junior plumber for better support, and pull permits to complete any plumbing projects.

Are you excited to give Santa a happy and warm welcome? If yes, start doing all the decoration and maintenance to get home ready for a joyous and Merry Christmas. For home best plumbing maintenance services, contact TheServico at 7250235610 or download the TheServico app from the Google Play Store and iOS device.

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