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Everything you Need to Know about Modular Kitchen Cabinet

Modular kitchens are a blessing in disguise. They’re made to make the most of every square inch of valuable real estate. Best Construction Company in Patna Will build you a modular arrangement consists of several cabinet units. Wall units, floor units, tall storage cabinets, gadget-storage rooms, and so on are examples. Make the most of your decision – here are some main considerations to bear in mind until the installation begins.

Use the Golden Triangle Law as a Guideline

A basic theory underpins the golden triangle concept. It strategically positions the cooking (stove/oven), prep (sink), and food storage (fridge) areas within a 4-9 foot distance and as three focal points of the kitchen. For decades, architects and designers have followed this rule because they believe it improves kitchen quality.

This theory is reflected in the picture above. To form a preliminary triangle, the refrigerator and gas stove are mounted on opposite walls, with the sink in the center. Consider small items, such as positioning appliances closer to the refrigerator, to make the golden triangle even more user-friendly. The most important thing to remember is to separate and package items according to their functionality. Best Construction Company in Patna will consider all the angles and then give you the kitchen which your family deserves.

Modular Kitchens in the Form of an L

In our traditional L-shaped kitchens, the golden triangle rule is simple to apply. The stove is cleverly positioned between the refrigerator and the sink in this picture, making it more practical and usable. There are no obstacles in the way, and no moves are lost.

Low-Maintenance Materials should be used

A modular kitchen is intended to make life easier and more efficient. Choose low-maintenance foundation materials. Steel is a good choice because it is extremely durable, easy to clean, and the new designs are extremely fashionable! Take a chance! Best Construction Company in Patna will take a look at this stainless steel sink, holders, and even the countertop in this contemporary modern kitchen.

If you use too much steel in your kitchen, it may look cold and uninviting. To build a lighter look, incorporate wooden cabinets or even granite kitchen countertops.

Compartmentalize Storage

You can personalize compartments and maximize storage space with a modular kitchen. If you have a huge family, you would most definitely have more and larger utensils. Consider dividing your utensils and gadgets into different-sized pieces, as this one does – the portion directly underneath the gas stove holds the larger pots, pans, and kadais.

Sectional drawers in modular kitchens are fantastic because they save time and help to organize kitchen life. When you keep your spoons, knives, and other kitchen tools in this area, they’ll be easy to find when you’re in a hurry. The ones you use the most should be kept on the upper shelves. Design your kitchen to suit your work process rather than the other way around.

Pantry Could Be a Nice Development

A pantry is a cupboard (or even a small room) where various foods, crockery, and cutlery can be stored. It’s typically used to store foods that don’t spoil quickly, such as pasta, flour, rice, and several dals. Instead of drawers, the above modular kitchen has a stand-alone unit with pull-out steel/wire shelves. For stocking potatoes and onions, wire racks are perfect. The ability to store numerous bottles and boxes of various shapes and sizes in a small space is a bonus.

Let Plenty of Fresh Air in

The rule of thumb in every kitchen is proper ventilation. There should be a whiff of deliciousness in your kitchen, not overpowering odors that repel. You don’t want to start sneezing while you’re frying garlic or chilies! As a result, a modular kitchen isn’t full without a chimney or adequate ventilation. A chimney is worthwhile to purchase because it sits directly on top of the flame, absorbing all of the masala fumes. when you have made up your mind to upgrade your kitchen then just call the experts Best Construction Company in Patna and then Relax.

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