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When it comes to differentiating between home cleaning and commercial cleaning; they are entirely different from each other. When commercial cleaning is concerned, it includes industrial type cleaning and dealing with wastes. It also means cleaning the work area (office) where employees throng every day for their job roles and responsibilities. If you are looking for office cleaning services in Patna, it is TheServico at your service. It is a matter of few clicks and we are there at your office to clean up the mess with our high-end cleaning techniques. We cover every aspect of office cleaning like:

Periodic cleaning of offices:
Commercial cleaning is not a one-time activity. It is a periodic process. Most of the offices have a scheduled cleaning time in which the professional cleaners come and start their routine cleaning. It can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly.  TheServico provides professional commercial cleaning services in Patna with 100% client satisfaction. Our periodic cleaning will give your office a clean, spotless, and shiny look.

Carpet & Furniture Cleaning:
Not all carpets are the same. Carpets used in commercial spaces are different from those used in residential homes. Apart from design, there is a difference between the material and thickness of the carpet. They need different treatment. Our experts treat them with vacuum cleaners that reach every corner and followed by carpet shampoo that removes dirt from every corner. Also, furniture like sofa or lounge chair is given a shampoo treatment. The furniture is first cleaned and then disinfected from WHO-approved chemicals.

Washroom and Pantry Cleaning:
Offices need deep cleaning. Washroom and pantry areas are such places where stains and liquid debris are common. TheServico provides deep cleaning services in Patna for your offices that cover washrooms and pantry cleaning via approved chemicals and machines.

Cleaning window & blinds or curtains:
Window blinds or curtains are prone to dust. They start discoloring if left uncleaned for a longer period. It is periodically cleaned under our business cleaning services by TheServico.

Office Desk and AC:
There are several types and designs of office furniture. Most common is the elongated table with chairs. It needs daily cleaning. Most of the office chairs are made of leather that needs wiping with a dampened cloth. Our professional commercial cleaning services in Patna include a deep cleaning of your office furniture and AC exteriors.

If your company needs commercial cleaning as per their choice, we can customize our cleaning process for you. Our business cleaning services include regular office cleaning and commercial spaces like retail stores, restaurants, business parks, educational institutions, malls, etc. At TheServico, we provide you with an amazing cleaning service that leaves an everlasting impression on your office. We make you love your workplace.

TheServico Maintains Quality Cleaning:
Whether periodic or one-time cleaning, TheServico is the best option for you to choose for office cleaning services. We do all types of light and tough cleaning that makes your workspace shine and keep the entire workforce healthy. Our quality service is the asset that attracts our clients to choose cleaning and other services for their ease. Think of service, and we have it covered for you.

TheServico understands the unique needs of our customers and provides professional commercial cleaning services in Patna. We are just a call away. Call us on +91 72502 35610 or write to us at and our representative will call and assist you in booking our business cleaning service. You can also download our app from Google Play Store. Once our team reaches your location; let them handle the rest!

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