5 False Ceiling Designs that will Awestruck You

It is everyone’s dream to have a beautiful house worth flaunting! No matter how much you invest in the decoration. One of the most fundamental factors of interior design is the false ceiling that makes or breaks the beauty of your home. Morden-days designers and homeowners prefer decorative false ceiling designs to make the home look more attractive.

What are False Ceilings?

A false ceiling is an imitative layer beneath the original roof. It comprises panels arranged on a metal frame with various designs and patterns. Generally, the distance between the original ceiling and the false ceiling is a minimum of 8 inches.

Are you interested in giving your house a more attractive look and feel with a false Ceiling? You need to get in touch with contractor for home repair in Patna who are experts from designing to installing false ceiling. So, you can get your desired false ceiling look for your home, which gives it an authentic and beautiful look.

TheServico also highlights the five beautiful false ceiling designs that will leave you and your friends, and guests amazed. It will be difficult for you to select a design as every design is eye-catching and worth your investment in the false ceiling.

Gypsum False Ceiling:

Gypsum false ceiling is one of the most popular ceilings materials because of its noise insulation and thermal properties. It is a fire-resistant, durable material available in different sized boards. The ceiling made with gypsum is in various colors unique shapes.

POP Ceiling Design: 

POP or Plaster of Paris is another false ceiling material that tops the demand list, especially in India. POP ceiling designs are easy to mould, economical, and lend a superior finish to the house. The designs are also lightweight and highly durable, resistant to heat and fire.

Metal False Ceiling:

Metals such as galvanized iron or aluminium create a magnificent ceiling. It is also a trend to use faux metallic tiles and tin designs. It comes in many shades of a glossy and matte finish. Metal false ceiling is considered the best false ceiling design as it is easy to remove and reinstall.

PVC False Ceiling:

PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride is a synthetic, cost-effective material. PVC also has low maintenance due to its heat resistance and moisture properties. It is a brilliant choice for garages, basements, toilets, and bathrooms. PVC false ceiling is immune from UV lights as well. For leakage issues and cracked Ceilings, it is the best option.

Wooden False Ceiling:

A wooden false ceiling is among the most expensive material. Wood always has the quality to impart sophistication and elegance to the house. These are durable, strong, and flexible. POP with the combination of Wood is also an attractive design for the false ceiling.

All the materials discussed above are the best options for installing a false ceiling. The selection of material can be tricky. It depends on the size and structure of the house. So, whenever you decide False ceiling designs and installation for your home, always seek professional help for a better result. TheServico provides all the professional advice required and a contractor for home repair in Patna. Download TheServico app and get in touch with or professionals for a makeover in your ceiling.

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