5 Home Maintenance Services You Need for The Festival of Lights

Home is a big investment that draws attention for annual maintenance and repair work whenever needed. If you are considering a renovation or want to set aside a budget for home repair, the festive season is the right time to get it done at a competitive price. Diwali is the upcoming festival where people start cleaning or plan for the annual renovation. They are in a search of professional home cleaning services in Patna or a home improvement service that covers most services related to home repair and maintenance.

If you are the one looking for such services; you have landed at the correct destination. TheServico is the only home maintenance service platform available to book every service you need. However, there are 5 major services that every homeowner needs during the festival of Diwali to welcome Goddess Lakshmi in a clean and hassle-free home.

Home Cleaning Service:

When Diwali approaches, the first thing that hits our mind is to clean our home. However, this cleaning is not the simple cleaning that we do every day. The festival of lights accounts for a deep cleaning service. Most of the home improvement service companies provide home cleaning service in Patna and deep cleaning services and that depends on the package you choose.

If you select a deep cleaning service, it covers every area of your home to clean and make it spotless. It is always recommended for a deep cleaning service once in six months and November is the best month as members are ready to clean their home, but could not, as it becomes a hectic task.

Just Call TheServico at 7250235610 and our cleaning experts will handle the rest.

Painting Services:

Where deep cleaning makes your home free from dirt, debris and removes toxins, painting gives your home a new look & feel along with positive energy. Colors make you feel happy, calm, and peaceful. It is a reflection of your mind and thoughts. Plastic painting is highly recommended. However, the selection of colors is crucial. Each color has different aspects on the look and feel of your home.

Usually, light colors make your home look spacious rather than dark colors. This festive season, get your home fresh and ready with colors of your choice. Welcome the Goddess of fortune in your newly renovated home with colors that you love and adore. Get a free consultation and quotation from TheServico expert.

Office Cleaning Service in Patna:

The employers and employees must work in a clean and healthy environment. During the festivity, offices are also cleaned and decorated for Lakshmi puja. However, office cleaning is as hectic as home cleaning. Moreover, deep cleaning is impossible without enhanced versions of machines and cleaning supplies.

You need to choose an office cleaning service in Patna that works in coordination with your expectation at a good and competitive rate. Call TheServico for office cleaning and our experts will reach your doorstep to render their commercial cleaning service in Patna.

Electrical Repair and Maintenance Service:

How can one ignore the electrical system of their house when Diwali is itself the festival of lights. If you don’t have this item in your checklist, revise it for your safety. Hire a professional electrician service and get the entire setup investigation done before the festival.

Change low-quality wire wherever used to avoid any accident. Check the electrical connections before you fix lights in your room, balcony, garden, or backyard.

Appliance Repair Service in Patna:

It is mandatory to keep every appliance healthy for the festive season. From large to small appliances, each of them needs a check and proper maintenance, if they are old. It is better to exchange or buy a new appliance that you think is too old and difficult.

Contact TheServico and get your appliance treated by our experts. Our experts will reach your location within one hour of your request.

TheServico is the only home maintenance service in Patna that provides quality service at your location. Download TheServico app from Google Play Store and book our services online with convenience. We are at your service.

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