TheServico Team Wishes You a Very Happy Diwali and Chhath Puja

In India, festivals are an expressive way to celebrate spiritual and cultural heritage. October and November are the most pious month when the festive season starts with great pomp and show. Post Navratri, it’s the time to commence preparation for Diwali- the festival of lights and Chhath puja- a devotion to Sun God. Though preparations are hectic like cleaning and decorating the entire home, TheServico is for your service as we provide the best home cleaning service in Patna to ease your load and celebrate festivals with high spirit.

We celebrate countless festivals but Diwali and Chhath puja has their significance and purity. Where Diwali signifies the importance of light over darkness, victory over evil; Chhath puja is a devotion to the sun god for bestowing its energy to the world for the survival of human beings.

Diwali festival

Diwali-Prayers for Love and Lights for Prosperity

Diwali is the festive celebration where families unite in the holiday season and love to celebrate it by lighting candles, diya, lanterns, and bursting crackers. However, the physical celebration has a deep meaning. It symbolizes the removal of darkness in life and fills any vacuum in life with immense love and prosperity. We welcome Goddess Lakshmi who brings wealth and prosperity to our life. Sweets and gifts represent the sweetness and harmony in our life. This festive season let us keep all our worries aside and celebrate Diwali with love and unity.

Diwali fesstivals

Chhath Puja: Time to Offer Arghaya to Sun God

All that exists was born from the sun; there is nothing apart from it.


The word chhath puja reminds us of the famous santoor tune and songs of Sharda Sinha denoting its divinity.  It’s the time when the entire family gathers and enjoys the festival by offering prayer to the solar deity, Surya, and his sister his Shashti Devi (Chhathi Maiya). As per a legend, Chhath Puja is being performed from the early Vedic period. It is believed that it was first performed by Karna (Son of Lord Surya and Kunti). These four days celebration is special as we all perform prayers and religious rituals, including puja and prasad, bathing in the Ganges and fasting.

Chhath puja

Remember, the march to the river Ganga ghat with prasad and the most demanding Thekua. There’s no comparison to it. The festival comes every year with a message of spreading love, togetherness, spirituality and lighting up our lives with prosperity.

It’s festival time and we know how hectic the household workload is. Do not worry! Call TheServico and we’ll reach your doorstep to help you with cleaning services. We offer the best and professional home cleaning service in Patna. May the festival season infuse happiness, celebrations, and peace in your life.

TheServico team wishes you a very Happy & Prosperous Diwali and Chhath Puja.


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