TheServico Wishes you all a Very Happy and Safe Republic Day

Once again, it is the time to celebrate and honor those souls who didn’t give a second thought before sacrificing their life for their nation. They made India; a nation free from the bondage of slavery for Indians to breathe in free air. On this day you can feel the vibes of freedom in the air and rejoice the entire day with flag hoisting and the national sweet, Jalebi. The real enthusiasm can be seen in the kids and students who start decorating the entire school premises with their creative paintings and flags. Unfortunately, in the year 2022, the schools are closed due to rising cases of Covid19 infection. We have to clean our home, garden, and courtyards to stay safe from the deadly viral attack and advise the school authorities to go for deep cleaning. You can call the best home cleaning service in Patna and get your property ready for the Republic Day celebration.

One Nation, One Vision, One Identity

“No Nation is Perfect, it needs to be made perfect.”

Meri Pehchaan Mera India

Happy Republic Day

Though we have achieved freedom on 15th August. 1947, January 26, 1950, was the day when our constitution came into effect. It was the day when power was vetted to the citizens of India. The main governing principle of our constitution was “of the people, for the people and by the people”. Republic Day bestowed the citizens of India with access to fundamental rights that India refrained from British rule. Today, the scenario is different and we celebrate the occasion of republic day with great enthusiasm.

Digital Republic Day Celebration:

This year, we are going to miss those red Jalebis (sweets), dance/cultural programs, and the group fun. The instructions issued by the state/central government restrict any gathering or community celebration in a crowd. It increases the risk of spreading coronavirus infection. However, the enthusiasm to celebrate the festival should not go down. Thanks to digital initiatives and platform like Zoom that connects the world within no time. Here’s how you can celebrate Republic Day digitally.

Accept the Zoom Invitation from your School:

Download the zoom application from Google Play Store and accept the invitation sent from your school for the celebration. Attend the flag hoisting ceremony. Though you are not physically present at the school, your virtual presence matters on such an auspicious occasion.

Host an Online Party:

Let’s make the day entertaining. Host a small online party and invite your friends and relatives to join. Send them the invitation link in advance. Have virtual lunch or dinner party.

Try to Prepare Jalebis in Home:

Preparing a sweet like jalebi at home is itself an occasion. Help your mom and see the magic. You cannot resist the taste of hot and juicy jalebis deeply fried and soaked in sugar syrup.

Follow the Covid 19 Norms in your Society:

If you are celebrating Republic Day in your society, you need to follow all the covid norms issued by World Health Organization (WHO). Below-mentioned are some of the essential steps for a safe celebration.

  • Sanitize the entire area where you have planned the celebration
  • Put sanitizer bottles in the corners and at the entrance
  • Place the seating arrangement keeping social distancing in mind
  • If you have any stage program, try to avoid group dance. Keep solo dance as a theme.
  • Pack snacks box using gloves. Leave it untouched. Let the audience enjoy them on their own.
  • Avoid any queue system. It hampers social distancing norms
  • Clean and sanitize the area after the celebration ends

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