5 Things You Need to Know About Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you have lots of carpet settings in your home, you know how important their maintenance is. If not cleaned properly, the soil deposits on the pile, and dust destroys its quality and luster. In general, vacuuming your carpet twice a week is good for its health. However, a majority of the household cannot maintain their carpets due to lack of time and tough cleaning methods.

In this case, you need a service from the best home cleaning service in Patna that includes professional carpet cleaning. TheServico is your most trusted partner for cleaning services. Our team reaches your doorstep within 45 minutes of online booking or via call. Here are five things that you should know about carpet cleaning service:

A Pre-Vacuuming is Mandatory before Cleaning:

Before the professionals start their carpet cleaning job, pre-vacuuming over the carpet is necessary to remove the dirt and soil settled inside the carpet. It is important because the dirt and soil when combined with moisture, convert into a thick layer of mud which is difficult to clean. So, to get the best possible result, pre-vacuuming is mandatory.

Tough Stains cannot be Removed:

Stains have different forms and degrees of toughness. A mild stain from the carpet can be easily removed in the general cleaning process. Some stains like dyes, paints, and acids are not easy to remove and need special stain removal treatment via approved chemicals. However, some stains cannot be cleaned even by the hardest chemical solutions. If tried; it can damage the beauty of your carpet.

Not all Carpet Cleaning Services is the Same:

Whoever books a carpet cleaning service needs to understand the quality of work is not the same. It depends on the technicians, and the use of advanced machines to deep clean the carpet. Based on these two main factors, the carpet cleaning service differs from one service provider to another. So, one needs to choose wisely. Read the reviews online and check their business profile.

Stain Protection Coating on Carpets:

There is an inbuilt stain protection coating on the carpet given by the manufacturer. It is a false assumption that vacuuming and deep cleaning destroy the coating. No! It is the regular wear and tear that breaks the coating and makes the carpet susceptible to stains that are tough to clean.

Grooming and Regular Cleaning:

Carpets should be groomed after cleaning to dry faster. It led the mud layer falls in the same direction making it cleaner. Moreover, vacuuming twice or thrice a week is mandatory to maintain its long life. A regular clean carpet lasts longer than a rarely clean carpet.

TheServico understands the needs of our customers and provides the best home cleaning service in Patna. Our technicians are just a call away. Call us on +91 72502 35610 or write to us at support@theservico.com and our representative will call and assist you in booking our carpet cleaning service. You can also download TheServico app from Google Play Store. Once our team reaches your location; let them handle the rest!

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