Water Tank Cleaning by the Best Home Maintenance Company at Patna

We all know how important is water for our daily life. After oxygen, it is the second-most important thing on this earth for human survival. There are many domestic and commercial water tanks of various sizes that households and offices use for water storage. Apart from hydrating our body, it has immense health benefits like stronger immunity, maximizing physical performance, and flushes out toxins from our body.

However, water can only render its benefits when your tanks are clean. Usually, a tank requires cleaning on every quarter or once in every six months. For such intense cleaning, you need professional tank cleaners from the best home maintenance company at Patna. Their team of cleaners reaches your home/apartment/commercial space to clean your tank after an hour of booking a tank cleaning service in Patna via TheServico.

Here are 5 Health Benefits of having a Clean Water Tank:

  • Prevents Contamination of Water:

A water tank if not cleaned for months becomes a home to harmful bacteria that contaminates water. Consuming such infected water can cause diseases like dysentery, cholera, and several other disorders. Such water is unsafe for consumption as germs inside multiply at a faster rate. On the other end, a clean tank will keep your water safe and healthy.

  • Deep Cleaning of the Tank removes Sludge:

Sludge is the dirt deposits on the walls, corners, and floor of the tank. It is a muddy deposit that mixes with water each time you refill the tank. The same water runs through your tap and is made available for domestic consumption. You know how harmful can such a water supply be. The only solution is the deep tank cleaning on scheduled intervals.

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  • No more Dirty Water and Foul Smell:

You must have seen a gush of brown water flowing for a few seconds from your tap or water with a foul smell. When you notice such contamination, it’s a signal that your water tank needs cleaning. Call the best home maintenance company at Patna that provides water tank cleaning service. Ring them immediately or book their services online for a professional solution.

  • It Affects Water Filtration Process:

One of the classic misconceptions in households is that of a water filter. It is blindly understood that if you have water filters, you get clean and healthy water to drink. NO!  If your tank is not clean, it affects the water filter system in your kitchen. The worst-case can lead to the non-functioning of your filter after a few months. Even the best filters cannot protect you from diseases caused by improper filtration of dirty tank water.

  • Follow the Guidelines:

Tank cleaning has certain guidelines to follow. Schedule the cleaning dates in advance and follow accordingly.

Water Tank Cleaning Rates at TheServico:

Download TheServico app and book out water tank cleaning service at affordable rates. Below are the rates:

  • Water Tank Cleaning PVC (up to 1000 liters) costs Rs. 699
  • Water Tank Cleaning RCC (up to 1000 liters) costs Rs. 999

Water tank cleaning practice is better rather than leaving it uncleaned for long. Now, TheServico has got your tank cleaning problems covered. Our reliable and certified cleaners are always ready for your service. We are the best home maintenance company at Patna providing tank cleaning service services and our expert reach at your doorstep to serve you. Call us at +91 7250235610 or visit our website to book our water tank cleaning service across Patna.

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