TheServico wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

If you ask what is Christmas, it is best defined by Agnes M. Pahro in his quotes –

It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future“.


It is the day of the year that holds all time together. Remember, the Santa stories and the plum-flavored Christmas cake baked in every kitchen? It is the time to recreate those memories again, decorate your home (interior and exterior) with a Christmas theme, bake cakes and cupcakes with love, and spread the message of brotherhood this Christmas.

Have you planned a Christmas eve party? Started your Christmas shopping and DIY’s research to make the festival memorable? Yes! It’s the festivity in the air and time for a social gathering to enjoy with cake, wine, and delicious turkey recipes. However, a social gathering or party in the home comes with certain responsibilities. You have to clean and disinfect your home before and after the party to avoid the risk of any serious viral infection. In such a time, you can ring the best home cleaning service in Patna and shed the burden of cleaning and making your home ready for the party.

What Do Christmas Decoration Symbolise?

Christmas party is the time to celebrate the togetherness and warmth we feel with our friends and relatives. It is said that the decoration of Christmas should be eye-catching and people love to decorate it with creativity. However, do you know each decoration item has a religious significance? Here’s a list of 5 Christmas décor items that are used in every home but has religious values that very few of us know:


It is a green-colored, round-shaped arrangement of leaves and berries used to spruce up your door on Christmas eve. To your surprise, Christians believe that the leaves are thorns that Jesus Christ wore and the berries in the arrangement were his blood. Strange but True!

Christmas Trees:

Who doesn’t love to decorate their home with a huge Christmas tree? It is the most iconic décor of every home in December. It was believed in many countries that the Christmas tree saves the family from evil spirits and illness.


Since bells are traditionally rung at the beginning of mass in Catholic services, they’ve naturally become a part of Christmas decor over the years.


The tinsel on the Christmas tree symbolizes light.  It is hung on a Christmas tree to make sure that darkness has no existence and power during the holiday season.

Christmas Gifts:

According to a Christmas testimony, the exchanging of gifts dates back to the birth of Christ when the wise men brought their gold, frankincense, and myrrh to honor Jesus Christ. Now it’s a way to share joy amongst loved ones.

Happy New Year 2022:

Where Christmas is the beginning of the Holiday season, the season ends with the merriment of the new year celebration. It’s the time when people are dressed colorfully on the 31st night and wait for the clock to strike till 12. The fireworks all over the globe are a must-watch. It’s the time when hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, amusement parks, and movie theatres are busy with audiences who gather to enjoy the welcoming of the new year with the hope of happiness and prosperity.

Remember, if you are arranging any party at your house for any occasion, you need to get your home cleaned and sanitized before and after the party. Download the TheServico app and book the best home cleaning service in Patna for a safe holiday season.



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